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Russia has created the first model of the modernized Mi-8 for peacekeeping missions

UTair Aviation ordered Russian Helicopters holding development of a new version of the Mi-8 helicopter intended for peacekeeping missions. The first modified machine can fly. This was announced by the first deputy general director of UTair Andrey Ilmensky, reports RIA News.

According to him, the airline, together with Russian Helicopters, is working on upgrading the Mi-8 to meet the needs of customers. As part of the work, they are optimizing on-board radio-electronic equipment, reducing the number of crew, and also building a new system of controlled operation.

“Well, the refinement of the helicopter is what is needed for peacekeeping operations: with night vision goggles, with an installed ballistic protection system … In principle, we have one such machine already ready and can fly,” Ilmensky said on the 13th Helicopter Forum in Moscow.

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Ilmensky’s presentation notes that the Mi-8 for peacekeeping operations was finalized to carry out flights “with night vision goggles, with an installed anti-missile and ballistic protection system.” He clarified that to create the modernized Mi-8, civilian vehicles are used, which are being finalized by Russian Helicopters. According to Ilmensky, the market demand for helicopters for peacekeeping missions is about 20 machines.

In July at Rostec reportedwhat in Russia developed composite armor for Mi-8 helicopters for peacekeeping missions UN.

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