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WP: US sends warplanes towards Iran after reports of attack

Central Command of the Armed Forces USA sent planes to the side Iran after information about a possible attack appeared Tehran on the Saudi Arabia. This was reported to the newspaper The Wasington Post (WP).

The United States sent warplanes based in the Persian Gulf towards Iran after intelligence reports “of imminent attacks by Iranian ballistic missiles and drones on targets in Saudi Arabia.” Sending aircraft, according to the publication, was a “demonstration of military strength” and “illustration of the importance” of the partnership. Washington and Riyadh.

As the newspaper recalled, the United States has significant air assets in the region. In particular, we are talking about F-22 fighters in Saudi Arabia. They also added that this case confirms Washington’s desire to save relations with Riyadh after the deterioration of relations due to the decision of OPEC + to reduce oil production.

Formerly The Wall Street Journal reportedthat Iran is preparing an “inevitable attack” on Saudi Arabia in order to divert attention from domestic protests. At the same time, social networks are discussing a video with the raising of the Red Banner of Retribution over the dome of the Jamkaran mosque in the Iranian city of Qom. Users assume that the gesture means a declaration of war.

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