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Ukrainian refugee complained about his poverty in Canada Russian news EN

Ukrainian refugee Wehbe complained that he could not find a good job in Canada

Ukrainian refugee Fuad Wehbe complained that the status of a temporary resident in Canada, because of which he cannot find a decent job, “causes him pain.” This is reported by the TV channel CBC.

The refugee complained that from the moment he arrived in Canada, he tried to find a job, but this process was not easy. Moreover, when he declares to employers that he has a work permit, but does not have refugee status, they do not respond to his requests.

“When they find out that we are in Canada and we have no status, a clear status, there is a problem,” he said.

The man noted that in order to get a job, despite financial support from the government of Canada, more resources are needed.

Earlier, Ukrainian refugees who moved to Canada after the start of the Russian special operation, complained for the overly expensive life in the country. “On the Ukraine we have less expenses for rent, for a house, for food, for clothes, for everything, and maybe that’s why we have a little differently, ”said the mother of the family.

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