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Turkey began negotiations on the resumption of the grain deal Russian news EN

RIA Novosti reported that Turkey is conducting telephone negotiations on a grain deal

Turkey conducts telephone diplomatic negotiations on the situation with the grain deal at all levels. The source said this RIA News in Istanbul.

The details of the negotiations were not disclosed. The source adds that at the moment there is no clarity on the fate of the grocery deal, but there are still hopes for a consensus.

Early in the morning on October 29th Sevastopol were attacked ships of the Black Sea Fleet using drones. Ministry of Defense of Russia blamed the military Ukrainespecifying that as a result, the sea minesweeper Ivan Golubets was slightly damaged.

Later the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announcedwhat Russia suspends participation in the grain deal after the attack of UAF drones on Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet stationed in the city bay. The Ministry linked the suspension of the transaction with involvement Great Britain to the mentioned attack and called it a terrorist act.

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