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Tired of failures, a woman turned to a fortuneteller and lost hundreds of thousands of rubles Russian news EN

9 Now: In Australia, a woman lost hundreds of thousands of rubles because of a false predictor

AT Sydney, Australia, a woman tired of failures decided out of curiosity to turn to a fortuneteller, lost 12 thousand Australian dollars (about 500 thousand rubles) and did not get any result. The story of the victim of a false fortune teller publishes 9 now.

A woman named Panum was walking through the shopping districts of the city with her mother when she noticed numerous signs advertising the services of fortune tellers. The inscriptions were full of promises to solve all problems, return loved ones and help earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. “I just went through a divorce and a car accident, so when my mom and I saw one of these signs, I thought: “Why not!” Panum said.

As if sensing the woman’s desire, a diviner’s assistant named Pandit Valmiki Krishna approached her and invited her to go to a session in a tiny fortune-telling shop. Panum paid 30 Australian dollars (1174 rubles), and Krishna began to examine the lines on her palm. “He said that an evil curse lies on me, and all my problems are due to black magic. He warned that the curse must be lifted, otherwise the lives of my children would be in danger, ”recalls the woman.

For getting rid of the curse, the “great magician” demanded another 830 Australian dollars (32.5 thousand rubles), and then completely stated that for the full effect, he and several other sorcerers needed to come to Panum’s house and clear the premises of evil spirits. The woman also agreed to this. As a result, a whole show began at her house: magicians squeezed lemons, sprinkled fake blood and removed small figurines of evil spirits.

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After the procedure, Krishna issued the client a new invoice of 21 thousand Australian dollars (822 thousand rubles) and offered her to sell the car and jewelry to pay off the bill. Then, according to Panum, the fortuneteller forced her to drink some kind of liquid, after which she transferred the necessary amount to him.

The expensive ritual did not change the woman’s life for the better, and her mother advised her to find Krishna and threaten him with the police for fraud. Frightened, the false soothsayer returned part of the money to the victim.

Previously reportedthat a resident of California, USA, Mauro Restrepo sued the fortuneteller and demanded 25 thousand dollars in moral compensation for the fact that she did not remove the damage imposed by his ex-girlfriend from him. He said that he decided to seek the help of a fortune teller when his marriage began to have problems.

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