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Tikhanovskaya explained the lack of contacts between Kyiv and the Belarusian opposition Russian news EN

Tikhanovskaya: Kyiv does not contact the opposition so as not to provoke the authorities of Belarus

Belarusian opposition leader, former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya explained the lack of contact Ukraine with the Belarusian opposition. She has her opinion expressed in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda.

In her opinion, Kyiv takes a cautious position in communicating with the emigrant centers of the Belarusian opposition, so as not to provoke Lukashenkasince the deepening of contacts can cause “rash steps” on his part.

Tikhanovskaya admitted that she was disappointed with this position of the Ukrainian authorities. People with oppositional views are becoming stronger in the opinion that after the end of hostilities, Ukraine will be ready to cooperate with the president Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, whom Tikhanovskaya herself considers an “aggressor”. In her opinion, this plays into the hands of the common enemy of Ukraine and Belarus, which the politician called the “Russian Empire”.

“I really hope that the Ukrainians, who have been praising Lukashenka so much all these years because they didn’t understand what was happening, will never return to the narrative “in Belarus the streets are clean and the milk is tasty,” she added.

Formerly Deputy Chairman of the Permanent Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich declaredthat Kyiv is trying to provoke Belarus and draw Minsk in the conflict in Ukraine. Gaidukevich stressed that Belarus has one back he added that the country “will never betray” Russia.

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