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The winner of the world championships in shooting received the agenda: Summer sports: Sports:

Vladimir Goncharov, medalist of the world championships in pistol shooting, received a summons

Russian shooter Vladimir Goncharov received a summons to the military registration and enlistment office. This is reported Fontanka.

The 45-year-old athlete is in the training unit. Goncharov said that he was appointed deputy battalion commander for educational work. “I can’t teach anyone here. Here, other people are working with soldiers in this direction,” he said.

Vladimir Goncharov, who specializes in pistol shooting, is a three-time bronze medalist at the World Championships and a two-time silver medalist at the European Championships. He also took part in the Olympic Games twice.

Previously became knownthat Russian mixed martial artist (MMA) Igor Uvarov will take part in a special military operation on Ukraine. “I volunteered because my heart called, I see that my country needs volunteers. We are simple guys. If we have to, then let’s go,” he said.

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