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The US strategy on the issue of nuclear weapons was explained Russian news EN

Political scientist Dudakov said about “calculated uncertainty” in the US nuclear strategy

Actually, USA no conditions are needed for the use of nuclear weapons: the country reserves the right to make the appropriate decision based on its own interests, said Americanist political scientist Malek Dudakov. In a conversation with, he explained the strategy of the American authorities in this matter.

“Calculated Uncertainty”

“On the issue of the use of nuclear weapons, the United States has been using a strategy that has been called “calculated uncertainty” for many decades, the political scientist said. “They independently calculate the risks, advantages, disadvantages of using this type of weapon, but do not limit themselves to conventions.”

Dudakov recalled that, for example, the Russian nuclear doctrine states that nuclear weapons can be used in the event of a direct threat to the country. Theoretically, the United States will also resort to such a measure in case of danger, but does not limit itself to this reason alone.

“This means that nuclear weapons can also be used for offensive purposes in order to destroy someone whom the American authorities consider a threat to national security, the lives of citizens, the sovereignty of the country,” the interlocutor of emphasized.

During his first months in office, Joe Biden wanted to put aside that uncertainty and establish a clear framework for the use of nuclear weapons. But they refused

Malek Dudakovpolitical scientist

Dudakov is sure that the States deliberately do not disclose the possible conditions for the use of nuclear weapons in order to keep opponents on their toes and reserve the right to use these weapons in any conflict.

Is the threat real

Until recently, this policy of the United States did not raise any special questions: enough years have passed since the last case of the use of nuclear weapons for fear in society to gradually subside.

“After the end of the Cold War, the topic of the use of nuclear weapons ceased to be so discussed: everyone was used to the fact that the United States, in theory, could always use it, but they were sure that this would not happen. In addition, the Americans themselves understood that by taking such a step, they open Pandora’s box, after which they can use their arsenal and North Koreaand Chinaand Russia”, – said Dudakov.

However, the difficult geopolitical situation, according to him, forced the world to return to this issue and gave rise to new fears that nuclear weapons could also be used in the conflict on the territory Ukraineand possibly in the conflict in Taiwan.

Such a scenario began to seem realistic again, especially against the backdrop of discussions about the possible use of a “dirty bomb”. I think that in the near future more and more countries will demand certainty from Washington on the nuclear issue.

Malek Dudakovpolitical scientist

Dudakov is confident that the risks of US use of nuclear weapons are real, especially given the recent “nuclearization” of the country’s policy.

“They have conducted nuclear exercises in Europe for the first time in a long time, they plan to modernize their bombs in Europe and Turkey, allocate additional funds for modernization within the United States. There was also talk that America could return nuclear warheads to South Korean territory. Naturally, no one knows whether a nuclear conflict will happen for sure, who will be the first to use weapons. But the arms race increases these risks,” the political scientist concluded.

It was previously known that Washington He has made a decision take off armament with its most powerful atomic warhead, as well as cancel plans for a sea-launched nuclear cruise missile. Relevant information is contained in the new edition of the US National Defense Strategy, published Pentagon.

“The B83-1 gravity bomb will be retired due to increasing limitations on its capability and increased maintenance costs,” the document says.

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