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The United States warned about the consequences of Ukraine’s refusal to negotiate with Russia Russian news EN

Newsweek: Kyiv’s refusal to negotiate with Russia forces the EU to reduce financial assistance

University of Michigan professor John Chorchiari warned of the consequences of rejection Ukraine from the start of negotiations with Russia. His words leads Newsweek edition.

He explained that EU (EU) it becomes problematic to coordinate the allocation of financial assistance Kyiv, as the countries of Central Europe begin to oppose the allocation of new funds to Ukraine. “If conditions in Ukraine continue to worsen, Europe may have no choice,” Chorchiari said. According to him, the support of Kyiv becomes burdensome for the EU.

Formerly in the EU urged Ukrainian government independently decide on a ceasefire. It was clarified that EU members believe that Kyiv should determine the moment of the start of negotiations.

However, the authorities USA and EU leaders doubted in the imminent start of peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. According to Western officials, both sides of the conflict are confident that the continuation of hostilities will strengthen their positions.

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