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The United States allowed a split in NATO due to economic problems Russian news EN

American analyst Kafruni allowed a split within NATO to support Ukraine

Inside NATO there may be a split regarding the provision of support Ukraine because of the economic problems that Europe faced as a result of the fighting. Such a scenario was allowed by a professor of international relations at Hamilton College (USA) Alan Kafruni in a comment to

The American analyst noted that he is experiencing particular difficulties Germany. At the same time, US support for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine is growing. According to Kafruni, the talks are supported by more and more members Republican Partywho, after this week’s midterm elections, could gain control of both houses US Congress.

In addition, in late October, a group of 30 Democratic congressmen called on the administration Biden make efforts to resolve the conflict diplomatically. “While this appeal was quickly withdrawn amid harsh attacks from the US media and the foreign policy establishment, it indicates the potential support for peace talks in American society,” Kafruni said.

Formerly The Washington Post reportedwhat US presidential administration Joe Biden privately calls on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky show openness to negotiations with Russia. As the interlocutors of the publication explained, the requirements are not aimed at pushing Kyiv to negotiations, but to “preserve moral dignity in the eyes of their international supporters.”

At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has already put forward conditions for negotiations with Russia. In particular, the Ukrainian leader demanded compensation for all losses caused as a result of the special military operation (SVO), restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine, punish war criminals and provide guarantees that the SVO will not happen again. At the same time, the deputy head Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Rudenko previously declaredthat Russia does not put forward any preconditions for negotiations, except for the “good will” of Ukraine.

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