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The Ukrainian was accused in the United States of attempting to launder money Russian news EN

San Frasncisco Chronicle: Ukrainian accused in US of conspiracy to launder money

Ukrainian Alexey Kiselev were charged with United States in conspiracy to launder money. About it writes edition of the San Franzisco Chronicle.

“According to court documents, the unusual case began when Alexei Kiselyov, 52, sought help laundering about $3 billion for unnamed clients from Russia and Ukraine”, – the publication says. It is noted that, according to prosecutors, it all ended with the Ukrainian agreeing to launder money himself, not realizing that he had fallen into the trap of a group of agents. FBI under cover.

Kiselev, who holds US and Ukrainian citizenship, was once a registered agent representing the interests of the former Ukrainian president. Viktor Yanukovych in Washington, according to the San Franzisco Chronicle. After the charges were brought, the Ukrainian was released on bail along with his alleged accomplice, 46-year-old Vladislav Polyansky.

In 2020, Kiselev spoke about the money of his clients blocked in European bank accounts, whose names he did not disclose, an undercover FBI agent said. The money was never found, and then, after a while, the Ukrainian himself began to ask an undercover agent for a loan of five million dollars for a period of one month secured by real estate and yachts, the material says. This year, the agents themselves offered Kiselyov to launder money for them, and when he took $10,000 as a consultation fee, he was arrested.

Previously spokesperson Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova accused USA and NATO in money laundering through financial assistance to Ukraine. “Of course, this is part of a huge, terrible corruption scheme to pump, launder Western funds through the Kyiv regime,” she said.

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