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The tourist went on a long-awaited vacation and died because of a cup of coffee Russian news EN

The Daily Mail: Irish tourist dies of coffee allergy while on holiday in Japan

Tourist from Ireland died due to a severe allergic reaction to coffee while vacationing in Japan. British tabloid writes about it The Daily Mail.

According to the publication, the incident occurred with 20-year-old traveler Doheny Aika (Aika Doheny) during her long-awaited vacation in Tokyo. The girl went to visit Japanese relatives, where she drank a cup of coffee with soy milk. After that, she developed severe allergies.

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The tourist was immediately injected with adrenaline to prevent anaphylactic shock and an ambulance was called. Doctors placed the girl in the intensive care unit.

It is noted that Japanese doctors managed to stabilize the condition of a foreign woman, so they decided to deliver her to her homeland with the help of a special aircraft. However, upon arrival in Ireland, the girl’s condition worsened again, and she died.

Earlier in September reportedthat vacationing with friends in Spain A British teenager has died of an allergic reaction to a cocktail. The tourist went into anaphylactic shock after one sip of the drink.

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