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The stylist revealed the difference between sexy and vulgar clothes Russian news EN

Stylist Ana Reyes advised to wear a dress with an open back instead of an outfit with a neckline

Stylist and popular blogger Ana Reyes revealed the difference between the styles of sexy and vulgar clothing. A video on this topic appeared in her TikTok- an account with over 90,000 followers.

As an example of something that is indecent to wear in public, Reyes called a dress with long sleeves, a deep V-neckline and a slit to the thigh. The stylist explained that the mentioned version of the outfit is too frank because of the bare chest and legs. At the same time, a dress with a large cutout on the back, in which the fabric hides all other parts of the body, can serve as a worthy alternative to such an image.

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According to the tiktoker, an elegant woman understands not to wear “tiny” things, and is able to look attractive without exposing her body. So, when choosing clothes, Reyes advised to focus on one of the following aspects of the cut: silhouette, shoulders, collarbones, legs, back or neck. “Remember, lady, the main thing is balance. If you want to look sexy and elegant at the same time, you need to be careful,” she concluded.

In October, stylist Megan Watkins named 10 things that went out of fashion in 2022. First of all, the expert advised to abandon high-rise skinny jeans, biker-style boots and a bomber jacket. These wardrobe items should be replaced with jeans with wide legs, cowboy boots made of leather or suede, as well as a voluminous biker jacket decorated with faux fur.

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