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The Russians were told about the possible transfer of debt for housing and communal services to neighbors Russian news EN

Lawyer Kuderko: the debt of the tenant for the maintenance of the premises of the house is transferred to the rest of the neighbors

Lawyer Elena Kuderko said that if the tenant evades payment, the tenant’s debt for lighting and heating the common living quarters of the apartment building is transferred to the rest of his neighbors. By this she shared with Prime agency.

The specialist pointed out that there are two ways in which the payment for the general needs of the house is calculated. In the first case, a meter is installed on the general house networks for the most accurate indicators, after which the testimony of residents is subtracted from the general data.

Another way involves setting a consumption standard at home, from which the readings of all apartments are deducted, Kuderko continued. The remaining amount is distributed among the owners in proportion to the area of ​​the apartments. However, in this case there is a risk of abuse, the lawyer warned. So, the consumption rate is calculated for registered residents, but in reality, more people can live in an apartment. Accordingly, the total volume of consumption of the resource is growing.

The expert also said that from 2023, the management company will recalculate consumption once a year, but residents will be allowed to do this more often. In addition, the managing organization will be able to verify the correctness of accounting, and citizens who refuse this procedure will have to pay according to the standard based on the actual number of residents.

Earlier in State Duma urged lift the ban on subsidizing the payment of housing and communal services for debtors. It was explained that in order to apply for a subsidy, such citizens would conclude an agreement on the repayment of housing and communal services debt with a management or resource supply company.

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