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The Russians were given advice on warming the balcony: Home: Habitat:

“”: before insulating the balcony, it is necessary to clean the surfaces

Before insulating the balcony, it is necessary to prepare the room by cleaning the surfaces and filling the gaps with mounting foam or cement. Similar advice was given to the Russians by experts from the online hypermarket, the material of which is at the disposal of

Balcony insulation consists of several stages of work, including glazing, electrical wiring, installation of thermal insulation and finishing. Experts suggested insulating the ceiling in a frame way, when the bars are covered with insulation, and then with panels. You can also use the frameless method – after processing the soil, the surface is covered with insulation.

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As for floor insulation, experts recommended laying a layer of vapor barrier and plywood on the beams, and then flooring. The walls must also be sheathed with beams and lay out insulation, and then fix the vapor barrier film. Among the materials for insulation, foam, isolon, polystyrene, penofol or mineral wool were advised. Residents were also reminded of the need to protect seams from sunlight.

Previously experts of declaredthat you can save on some appliances in the house if you replace incandescent lamps or energy-saving light bulbs in lighting fixtures with LED ones with the same base.

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