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The Russians were given advice on renting out housing when leaving: House: Habitat:

Lawyer Strunkov: it is necessary to legally rent out housing upon departure

With a long departure, it is necessary to rent an apartment legally in order to avoid fines and penalties. In this case, you must register as self-employed. Sergey Strunkov, lawyer, partner of NOVATOR Legal Group, gave advice on renting out housing to Russians during a long absence from the country. This is reported “Russian newspaper”.

The lawyer emphasized the need to remember about tax residency. This status can be lost if you stay abroad for more than six months. With the status of self-employed, the tax on rental income will reach four percent. Housing should also be insured against gas explosions, fires, natural disasters and other damage.

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The expert also recommended a careful drafting of the contract with the tenant. Among other items, it is necessary to prescribe the terms of the lease, the availability of a security deposit and liability for late payment. The document should not contain a clause on the possibility of selling real estate.

Previously specialists Rosreestr declaredthat the main mistake that Russians make when registering a mortgage through public service centers or in electronic form is an incorrect indication of the registration action when forming an application. Due to such a defect, a discrepancy in the package of documents may occur.

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