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The Russians spoke about the main problems with the teams of repairmen: Home: Habitat: the main problem of repair contractors was the lack of guarantees for services

The main problem when contacting contractors to carry out repairs in the house, the Russians called the lack of guarantees for the services provided. The inconveniences associated with construction teams were described in a joint study by the services and Repair with SberServices. The text of the report is at the disposal of

Experts surveyed 3,000 people over 18 across the Russia and found that 86 percent of respondents at least once in their lives did repairs. At the same time, 35 percent of those faced with the refurbishment of their homes did it completely on their own. Another 40 percent entrusted some of the work to specialists, and only 11 percent completely entrusted repairs to contractors.

The most common problem in the search for repair teams was the lack of guarantees for the services provided – it was noted by 32 percent of respondents. The second most popular was the delay in terms – 29 percent of Russians encountered it. In third place is the non-transparent pricing policy of contractors, which was indicated by 26 percent of respondents.

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One in four of those surveyed (25 percent) experienced poor quality of services rendered, and 23 percent of Russians noted that the contractor made an unofficial transaction for the provision of services without a receipt and a contract. Another 18 percent of respondents said that repairmen took on jobs they didn’t know how to do. About 5 percent of Russians complained about rude communication with a client. At the same time, almost a third of the respondents (29 percent) said that they did not encounter any problems.

Respondents named advice from friends or acquaintances as the most common way to find reliable contractors (71 percent). Among other methods of finding repair workers, Russians indicated specialized services (19 percent) and platforms for finding individual craftsmen (15 percent). At the same time, every tenth person was looking for specialists in social networks, and 7 percent turned to their neighbors for help. 4 percent of respondents are convinced that the brigade can be found through thematic forums.

Earlier Russians called the main problems in the repair. According to a survey by SberServices and Rambler&Co, most often respondents are faced with the inability to meet the planned budget (36 percent). Second place on the list of the most common problems was the lack of materials – 20 percent complained about it. Another 18 percent were dissatisfied with the work of contractors, 12 percent were unable to complete the repair on schedule.

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