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The Russians called the reasons for the refusal to issue a mortgage Russian news EN

In “Etazhy” they called the problem credit history the reason for the refusal to issue a mortgage in Russia

Nearly half of mortgage denials in Russia occur due to the credit history of the potential borrower. This reason was given to citizens in the federal company “Etazhi”, they convey “News”.

47 percent of refusals to issue a loan are associated with a problematic credit history, another 18 percent – with the lack of confirmation of the place of work specified in the application. In addition, 11 percent are rejected because they have a combination of bad credit history and their own business.

10 percent of refusals are due to an unverified place of work or income of a borrower with foreign citizenship. In 8 percent of cases, the citizenship of another country is the main reason for not disbursing a loan.

Earlier in September the Russians explainedWhy don’t they want to take out a mortgage? 29 percent do not need a loan because they already have their own housing, 13 percent cannot get a loan because of problems with work. Another six percent fell on those who consider the interest on the loan too high and on those who do not trust this method of acquiring real estate.

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