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The Russian Embassy lost its recreation center near Warsaw Russian news EN

Polish authorities seized a recreation center near Warsaw from the Russian embassy

Poland seized from the embassy Russia recreation center under Warsaw. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland Edvard Siarka. TASS.

According to him, employees of the Forest Guard of the State Forests seized property rented by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Warsaw on the territory of the Jablonna forestry. Polish authorities clarify that the lease agreement, which had been in place since the 1980s, was terminated in April.

We are talking about a piece of land with an area of ​​about six hectares on the banks of the Zegrzyn reservoir. It has two hotels, two villas and eight cottages. Now the forestry is conducting an inventory and technical assessment of objects.

I hope that after the completion of this process, new options for the use of this territory will be proposed.

Edward SarkaDeputy Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland

Base mothballed

Polish Gosles spokesman Michal Gzowski informed on his Twitter that the resort is in a deplorable state. He accused Russian diplomats of “destroying everything, even tore the cables out of the walls.”

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Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev explainedthat the diplomatic mission understands the situation. He noted that the recreation center has been mothballed and has not been used since the beginning of this year, there are no embassy employees on the territory of the base.

The diplomat confirmed that the embassy is not paying for the rent of the base due to the freezing of accounts. However, he pointed out, the agreement concluded with Warsaw does not provide for termination due to non-payment. “Especially due to force majeure, since this is not our fault, but a consequence of the illegal actions of the Polish authorities,” Andreev added.

Information that the contract was terminated is not true

Sergey AndreevRussian Ambassador to Poland

The rent of the base cost the embassy 12,000 zlotys (about $2,500) per month. According to Andreev, the contract valid until December 2024.

Seizure of diplomatic property

On April 12, Andreev said that official Warsaw continues to make claims to the property of the Russian diplomatic mission, including a secondary school for the children of employees at the embassy. Prior to this, the Polish authorities occupied building in Warsaw, which is Russian diplomatic property. According to the ambassador, the bailiffs demanded that the building be handed over to the state treasury represented by the Warsaw mayor’s office. “Polish representatives cut off the locks on the gates and the gate and occupied the facility,” Andreev said. Russian Foreign Ministry in reply spoke demanding to vacate the building of the diplomatic mission.

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Subsequently, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova warnedthat retaliate Moscow on the seizure of Russian diplomatic property in Poland may be asymmetric. “I would like to remind you that they can be not only mirror images,” the diplomat specified. She also added that not a single unfriendly step on the part of Poland or any other country will go unanswered.

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