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The royal python put an armed robber to flight and saved the hostess Russian news EN

NBC News: Chompers python puts armed robber to flight

A royal python in the US city of Houston, Texas, did not allow itself to be kidnapped and put an armed robber to flight, who put a gun to the head of his mistress. About it informs NBC news.

Ariel Giron placed an ad in a mobile application for the sale of a royal python named Chompers for $ 200 (12 thousand rubles) and agreed to meet with a potential buyer in the parking lot in front of a residential building. A girl came to buy a python, who said that she had only a few dollars, but later her brother would transfer the rest to the owner of the reptile.

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As they discussed the deal, two men approached Giron’s minivan. One of the intruders pointed a pistol at Giron and demanded that the snake be returned. A few seconds later, the attackers ran out of Giron’s car. Surveillance footage shows one of the robbers suddenly jumping away from the minivan, after which both men run away without the snake. “I think he was afraid of the snake. The snake crawled towards him, and he jumped back, ”said the owner of the reptile. She emphasized that she decided to keep the python that saved her for herself.

The police arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of robbery. He has been charged with aggravated robbery. The teenager was arrested and placed in the county jail. His accomplice, who is accused of participating in the robbery, is still at large.

Previously reportedthat in Minnesota, a singing toy fish frightened off a criminal who intended to rob a store. At the point of sale that the criminal was trying to rob, such a fish was located at the door and, in order to welcome visitors, turned on every time someone went inside.

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