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The released fighter of the DPR spoke about the cruelty of the SBU officers Russian news EN

DPR sergeant released from captivity spoke about bullying by SBU officers

Employees Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) turned out to be the most cruel in relation to prisoners of war. About it RIA News said the released sergeant of the People’s Militia of the DPR Artur Klinov.

He said that during each trip, the secret service workers put a bag on his head and inflicted a strong blow on his back, which was called “Crimean tan” because of the large hematoma. Also, according to him, prisoners were often tortured with electric current during interrogations. “It’s like part of their job, to keep in suspense, strain, intimidate,” the fighter explained.

In October, LPR serviceman Alexander Chupra toldhow a Ukrainian at the first interrogation stuck a knife in his leg and swung it in the wound because the prisoner hesitated to answer the question about the number of his first school. At the same time, he was not really interested in answers, since the randomly named number satisfied the interrogator.

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