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The Pentagon commented on the development of relations between China and Russia Russian news EN

Deputy head of the Pentagon Colin Kohl: China sees Russia as a counterweight to the US and its partners

The US administration believes that the Chinese authorities are considering Russia as a counterweight United States, their allies and partners. This opinion was expressed by US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Kohl at an online meeting with the Washington-based Defense Writers Group. His words lead TASS.

Representative Pentagon I am confident that Russian-Chinese relations will only deepen over time, both economically and technologically. Kol does not exclude the possibility of creating a military alliance. β€œIt is obvious that there is a higher readiness to conduct joint military exercises,” the deputy minister noted.

According to Kohl, the reason for this was Western sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with a special military operation (SVO) on Ukraine. At the same time, he recalled Chinathat the United States will impose sanctions and publicize any country that will support Russia in the military sphere.

Previously reportedthat China has emerged as Russia’s main trading partner after a significant trade downturn c EU. However, according to experts, exports from China could not completely replace European supplies.

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