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The passenger was interrogated at the airport for four hours because of her appearance Russian news EN

Los Angeles airport customs suspected girls of escorting because of plump lips

Australian model OnlyFans said that airport customs officers suspected her and her friend of being an escort and interrogated them for four hours. Writes about it Daily Mail.

Michaela Testa, 22, shared on social media the story of her recent flight from the airport. Los Angeles. The girl accused the employees of the air harbor of a biased attitude towards the appearance of her friend Trinity – according to her, a friend attracted the attention of the customs service with “long false eyelashes and full lips.”

After Trinity reported that she did not have a return ticket, the couple was immediately detained and sent for interrogation, their phones and personal belongings were confiscated. The passenger complained that the customs officers behaved unprofessionally, looking through candid personal photos on the girls’ smartphones.

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The model stated that customs officers in Los Angeles “love” to attack pretty Australian women and accuse them of being escorts “until they tell the truth.” “I have many girlfriends who have spent days in this detention room,” Testa added.

In September, the model with the largest breasts in Great Britain, transplanted from his seat to the kitchen compartment at the end of the plane due to complaints from other passengers. According to the girl, the seat in the economy class was too tight for her bust, but fellow travelers did not enter her position.

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