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The nose of the plane, which fell under hail with a thunderstorm, was torn off Russian news EN

A Latam aircraft flying from Chile to Paraguay had its nose torn off due to a thunderstorm.

Flying under a hail with a thunderstorm and heading from Chile in Paraguay The nose of a Latam airliner was torn off. What is happening in the salon got on video, the video publishes Daily Mail.

Flight LA1325 encountered severe weather while flying from Santiago de Chile to Asuncion: the plane lost its nose, and cracks appeared on the windshield of the liner. The aircraft also lost one of its engines.

Eyewitnesses recorded on video the situation on board – the elements are raging outside the porthole window and lightning is sparkling, and the cabin of the aircraft is shaking from turbulence. The screams of terrified passengers are also heard.

The airline confirmed that all passengers and crew members arrived in the capital of Paraguay in a satisfactory condition. Doctors examined them at the airport.

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