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The military commissar described the situation with the losses of the Russian Armed Forces in Pavlovka as an anomaly Russian news EN

Military correspondent Sladkov called the situation with the losses of marines in Pavlovka an anomaly

The situation with losses among the Russian military in Pavlovka during a special operation (SVO) on Ukraine can be considered a rare anomaly. About it in my Telegram channel wrote military commander Alexander Sladkov.

“In the NMD, a lot has really changed for the better, and the situation in Pavlovka is a real anomaly. We are totally equalizing the situation,” writes Sladkov.

The military commissar stressed that similar situations had occurred along the entire front in March, and Pavlovka was clearly a separate case.
“Personally, I react to it as an unpleasant exception that is completely uncharacteristic of the NWO system,” concludes Sladkov.

Earlier in social networks there was information that the marines of the 155th brigade of the Pacific Fleet recorded an appeal to the seaside governor Kozhemyako. The appeal spoke of heavy losses in the battles in the Pavlovka area in the Donetsk People’s Republic. In this regard, the marines asked the head of Primorye to contact Ministry of Defense of Russia and deal with the situation.

Governor Oleg Kozhemyako managed contact the marines from Primorsky Territorywho participated in the battles near Pavlovka. He noted that there are losses in the ranks of the fighters, but they are greatly exaggerated.

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