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The Kremlin began preparations for Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly Russian news EN

RBC: preparations have begun in the Kremlin for President Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly

The Kremlin began to prepare a message from the President Vladimir Putin Federal Assembly. About this on Thursday, November 10, writes RBC with reference to sources familiar with the discussion of the issue.

According to them, the preparations began a few days ago, however, it is still unclear when the head of state will announce the message.

At the request of the publication to comment on whether the preparation of the message had really begun, the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov stated that he could not comment on it yet. On Wednesday, November 9, he spokethat the announcement of the presidential address to the Federal Assembly and the holding of a direct line will depend on the schedule of the head of state, and promised to inform about the dates of the events additionally.

The last time Putin addressed a message to the Federal Assembly was in April 2021. Then the head of state attached particular importance to the socio-economic problems faced by Russia during a pandemic.

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