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The impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the end of the crisis in Ukraine was assessed: Politics: World:

The New Yorker: US anti-Russian sanctions will not stop the special operation in Ukraine

Writer Shila Kolhetkar assessed the impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the end of the crisis for Ukraine. She shared her thoughts on this topic with the publication The New Yorker.

According to her, introduced USA and allies, anti-Russian sanctions will not be able to stop the special operation in Ukraine. This initiative is controversial, she said. At the same time, in her study, Kolhetkar recalled that economic sanctions were applied in the Ancient Greece. Then in the 20th century, the United States imposed restrictions on countries such as the USSR, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Iran and Iraq.

As for the current time, the sanctions have proved to be ineffective. So, introduced after reunification with Crimea the restrictions did not cause the Kremlin to back down from its political stance, Kolhetkar muses. “Most of the former Treasury officials I spoke with agreed that the sanctions imposed at the time were insufficient,” the author of the publication noted.

Former President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the final session discussion club “Valdai” told an anecdote about sanctions, answering a question about the attitude of Europeans towards Russia.

“The son asks his dad: “Dad, why is it so cold?” The Pope replies: “Because Russia attacked Ukraine.” Child: “And what do we have to do with it?” Dad: “And we imposed sanctions.” Child: “Why?” Dad: “To make them feel bad.” Child: “What are we, Russians?”, ”the president shared a joke.

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