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The identity of the alleged culprit of the fire in the Kostroma club became known Russian news EN

112: the alleged culprit of the fire in the Kostroma club is 23-year-old serviceman Ionkin

The alleged culprit of the fire that claimed the lives of 15 people in the Kostroma club “Polygon” is 23-year-old soldier Stanislav Ionkin. This is reported Telegram- channel 112.

According to the publication, the man fired at the club premises from a freely sold rocket launcher “Hunter’s Signal”. It is specified that he fled the scene of the fire – the police detained him six kilometers from the Polygon.

major fire happened at a nightclub in Kostroma on the night of Saturday, November 5th. The roof collapsed on an area of ​​3.5 thousand square meters. At least 15 people died in the fire.

Eyewitnesses reportthat there was a conflict between the visitors of the club, resulting in a mass brawl. After that, one of the participants in the conflict shot up. Because of the shell, the building was covered with smoke, there was a panic, and the room caught fire. The version about the fire due to pyrotechnics was also called in the prosecutor’s office.

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