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The hotel refused the tourists who planned the wedding and preferred to accommodate refugees Russian news EN

UK hotel cancels all tourist bookings until 2023 to accommodate immigrants

A British couple was left disappointed by the hotel’s sudden decision to cancel their booking and accommodate asylum-seeking immigrants. About it writes express.

Chris Wise, 74, and his fiancée, Carole Haragan, 68, are scheduled to celebrate their wedding at a hotel in Ashford, Kent, in August 2023. The British admitted that they had been looking for the “perfect place” for the celebration for several months, so they decided to pay a deposit in advance. However, recently it turned out that the reservation of tourists was canceled – the hotel explained the refusal by the need to accommodate asylum seekers.

“The hotel blames the government, but this is a commercial decision. They closed all rooms for booking until the end of December next year (2023) – for this they will receive hundreds of thousands of pounds, ”Wise revealed the true preferences of the hotel owners.

The decision to vacate the rooms for refugees was forced by the Home Office, according to the head of Ashford City Council. Local authorities believe that the department is “using the county as an easy solution to a national strategic problem”, ignoring the interests of the county and demonstrating a complete disregard for the people.

Earlier in October reportedthat the largest hotel Hungary with 499 rooms, the Danubius Hotel Hungaria decided to close for the winter to save on heating and electricity bills. Tourists who booked rooms were promised to be distributed to other hotels of the network.

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