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The girl was twice sent home from the office for distracting colleagues from work attire: Appearance: Values:

HR manager sent a girl home from the office because of a black dress with a high collar

The girl (name and surname unknown) was expelled from work because of obscene clothes. The corresponding video appeared on her page in TikTok.

A netizen @notmariedee revealed that she was sent home last week by an HR employee because of a plunging lilac top. However, according to the blogger, this week she was again asked to leave her workplace due to a black bodycon dress with a high collar, which reaches just below the knees. The author of the video asked the HR manager why she was asked to leave for the second time. “I’m sorry, but what you’re wearing is too revealing and distracting,” she said.

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The video went viral with over 23.5 million views and 2.5 million likes.

The viewers were puzzled by the recruiter’s decision, which they began to write about in the comments under the video. “I’m the head of human resources and I think your clothes are appropriate for work”, “Yes, it’s distracting. About three seconds while I mentally say, “Wow, she looks amazing today.” And somehow I still manage to do my job”, “She is angry that you look better than her,” they said.

In October, etiquette expert, founder of recruiting agency Polo & Tweed and professional recruiter Lucy Challenger named clothes in which you should not go to work in the office. The specialist said that jeans are acceptable in this case, but first of all it is necessary to take into account their color and cut. In addition, unsuitable for the office clothes, according to Challenger, are short skirts and frank necklines.

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