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The French politician announced the desire of the United States to “remove” Zelensky Russian news EN

French politician Filippo announced the desire of the United States to “remove” Zelensky and make peace

French politician Florian Filippothe head of the Les Patriotes party wrote in his Twitterthat believes as if the authorities USA going to “remove” the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyto Kyiv and Moscow made peace. At the same time, the politician did not explain why he thinks so, and did not provide any evidence for his words.

“The US government is starting to get tired of Zelensky and is asking him to start negotiations with Russia. When the United States no longer needs its puppet, it will, as always, remove it!” says Filippo’s entry. However, it is not clear whether he wrote seriously – perhaps the politician was simply ironic.

Formerly The Washington Journal wrotethat Western countries are privately discussing possible peace terms between Moscow and Kyiv. The authors argue that European states are determined to continue to provide economic and military assistance to the Ukrainian authorities.

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