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The Foreign Ministry called the imposition of a ban on entry to residents of Western countries senseless Russian news EN

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Ivanov called the introduction of a ban on entry to residents of Western countries senseless

Moscow called it senseless to introduce mirror restrictions in response to entry bans for Russians by a number of Western countries, since there are no winners in the “game of destruction”. About it RIA News said the deputy head Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Evgeny Ivanov.

“We believe that there are no winners in the game of destroying international relations,” a spokesman for the department said, commenting on the ban. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Czech Republic for Russian tourists.

He noted that the losers will always be ordinary people, regardless of their citizenship, who are deprived of the opportunity to see their relatives, go for treatment or study, take part in scientific, cultural, and sports events.

“Therefore, we consider it irrational to introduce any kind of mirror restrictions in connection with the ongoing petty attempts of the Baltic countries and their neighbors who have joined them to prove that a trip to the “sacred” European Union is a privilege,” Ivanov said.

The diplomat added that the process of issuing diplomatic visas has also become much more complicated and lengthy.

Formerly Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland in order to protect public order and security banned Russian entry. It is clarified that diplomats, holders of work and study visas, workers in the fields of international goods and passenger transportation do not fall under the ban.

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