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The blogger showed her “inappropriate” outfit for the memorial service on the video: Appearance: Values:

Tight jumpsuit blogger sammiesupreme called inappropriate at the memorial service

A blogger with the nickname sammiesupreme from Los Angeles, USA, showed on video her outfit called inappropriate at the memorial service. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok-an account with over 154,000 followers.

On the posted frames, the 19-year-old girl appeared in a black tight-fitting jumpsuit with long sleeves and a U-shaped neckline. She also let her hair down and accessorized the look with a fringed bag and cat-eye sunglasses. At the same time, the user indicated that those around her considered her appearance inappropriate during worship.

At the same time, the American expressed her attitude to this criticism by dancing in front of the camera to the song with the words “Did you see my figure?”. The influencer also added that her outfit is “to die for.”

Earlier in November, blogger Kayla Sandel refused to change the frank form for the sport, despite criticism. On the posted frames, the girl appeared in a tight-fitting black outfit, which consisted of mini-length shorts and a T-shirt.

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