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Stylists have named the best haircuts for the winter: Appearance: Values:

Stylist Clayton Hawkins called tight bob and shaggy the best haircuts for the winter

Stylist Clayton Hawkins and founder of hair care brand Hours Haircare Marilyn Cosmillo named the best haircuts for the winter. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication The Zoe Report.

The list includes a tight bob (a hairstyle in which the strands remain longer at the face and short towards the back of the head), a shaggy haircut (soft layers of torn strands and bangs that create a messy effect on the head), which American actress Farrah was especially fond of wearing. Fawcett in the 1970s, and mid-length layers. “Soft, fluffy, layered hairstyles are becoming more and more popular, just in time for the cold season,” said Cosmillo and added that for styling the listed hairstyles, it is necessary to use mousse to add volume and glossy shine.

Among other things, haircuts with voluminous layers, pixies and shoulder-length bob will also be relevant in the winter season. However, in order for these hairstyles to look perfect, you need to regularly moisturize your hair with masks. Such tools will help prevent the occurrence of electrification of the strands, the specialist concluded.

In September, trichologist, dermatologist Natalya Tereshina disclosed the truth about the effect of cutting ends on hair growth. According to her, shortening the strands and shaving the head does not affect the growth and thickness of the hair. In addition, the doctor refuted the opinion that with the help of shampoos you can stop the process of baldness, advising you to immediately contact a specialist in this case.

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