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Soldiers of PMC “Wagner” spoke about the difficulties of the assault on Artemovsk Russian news EN

Soldiers of PMC “Wagner” said that the assault on Artemovsk was complicated by the presence of civilians

Assault phase Artemovsk (Bakhmut) was difficult and was hampered by the fact that civilians were present in the settlement. This was told by the fighters of the private military company (PMC) “Wagner” in movie for R.T.

At the same time, they stressed that the settlement itself was well prepared for their arrival. “For you to understand, each house is a ready position, trench systems and so on,” the military said.

According to them, civilians complained about the threats of fighters of the Armed Forces. Ukraine (APU). “There were civilians who said that the enemy threatened them: “If you get in the direction of the Russians, we will shoot in the back,” they added.

Early reportedthat the fighters of the Wagner group are fighting for the southern suburb of Artemovsk – the village of Opytnoye. “We will clean up the experimental one now. To the north, we are already entering Bakhmut, we are slowly getting involved, ”said one of the fighters. According to him, the village of Ivangrad, which is located a kilometer from the city blocks, is completely under their control.

About the fact that PMC tightens forces to the city of Artemovsk, it became known on October 31. Artemovskoe remains one of the most important areas, since the capture of the city will allow breaking the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and making a hole in the fortified line Slavyansk — Artemovsk — Kramatorsk.

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