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WSJ: Meta Platforms is planning a full-scale layoff

American technology corporation Meta Platforms (recognized as extremist and banned in RF) is planning a full-scale layoff. This is reported Wall Street Journal with reference to sources.

According to the publication, the staff will begin to lay off this week. It is noted that this reduction could be one of the largest reductions in technology jobs in the industry after skyrocketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not yet known how many people out of more than 87,000 employees of the corporation will be left without work. According to the interlocutors of the newspaper, we are talking about thousands of potential layoffs. The layoffs are scheduled for Wednesday.

Meta declined to comment on this information.

Formerly Bloomberg reportedthat after buying a Twitter billionaire Elon Musk planned to lay off about half of all employees. About 3.7 thousand out of 7.5 thousand workers may fall under the reduction, and the rest will be banned from remote work. The agency claims that these measures are aimed at reducing costs.

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