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NYP Readers Demand Biden Impeached Over Shotgun Joke

New York Post Readers Support Announcement to President USA Joe Biden impeachment because of his shotgun joke. They expressed their opinion under the publication of the relevant material on Twitter.

After the American leader said that he was ready to use a gun to protect the US economy, users admitted that they no longer understood Biden. In particular, @swrazer1 noted that he did not see anything funny in this statement.

No confidence in Biden expressed @NikosNy321 and @Howard069572801. They felt that Biden’s speeches were becoming more and more dangerous, since he himself did not understand what he was saying. @Guggiana1981 expressed the opinion that now Biden can be officially diagnosed with senile dementia.

@Njd9500 advised Biden to “just shut up.” BUT @wilbursbarn explained that the economic policy of the current owner of the White House led to the current situation.

@Antagonist_1 admitted that Biden could actually fight inflation with a shotgun. However, he believes, the president needs something more powerful than his fart.

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