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Sexologist Karolina Putintseva: thoughts about orgasm interfere with its achievement

Constant thoughts about orgasm and its expectation interfere not only with reaching the peak, but also with enjoying the process, said psychologist-sexologist Karolina Putintseva. In her Telegram channel, she disclosed secrets of obtaining a powerful female orgasm.

Putintseva warned that concentrating on the mere thought of how to have an orgasm hurts both women and men. In the end, she may not reach the highest point, despite the efforts of the partner. But at the same time, there is a chance to lose intimacy with the chosen one and the opportunity to enjoy the whole process.

In order to get an orgasm despite distractions, a sexologist recommended not to stop examining your body. She noted that if a woman uses maladaptive methods of masturbation (in the bathroom, under running water, squeezing the legs), then she will have to develop already familiar erogenous zones, or look for new ones.

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“Masturbation under the covers when everyone is sleeping? In total silence? Taking a bath? Or in the workplace, under the table or in the toilet? We analyze what distracts, what helps to switch the brain to what is happening with the body, what accelerates or delays the approaching orgasm, ”Putintseva advised to analyze her feelings.

“One of the most effective ways to achieve orgasm, not only during masturbation, but also with a partner, is to talk frankly with him, and then show him what to do and how. When a partner sees, feels and understands that a woman likes it, it will be significantly reduced to an orgasm in bed with him, ”Putintseva summed up.

Formerly Karolina Putintseva toldwhat a man should do to give a woman pleasure through oral sex. She advised to speak frankly about their desires.

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