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Russia appreciated the reaction of the West to the statement on nuclear war Russian news EN

MGIMO professor Orlov believes that the West listened to Russia’s statements about nuclear war

Serious people in the West heeded the statement Russia on the prevention of nuclear war. This was stated by the professor MGIMO MFA of Russiafounder and director PIR Center Vladimir Orlovtransmits RIA News.

This is about statement Russian Foreign Ministry, which states that the Russian side in its policy is guided by the postulate of the inadmissibility of nuclear war and bears special responsibility as a nuclear power. It also states that the use of nuclear weapons by Russia is hypothetically permissible only as a response to aggression in which weapons of mass destruction will be used.

Orlov noted that the statement was addressed to both international partners and opponents of Russia. “On the question of whether statements in the West will be heeded, maybe I will surprise you and say that it seems to me that they will be heeded,” he said.

The professor admitted that media publications and speeches by press secretaries would continue to accuse Russia, as there is a “quite clear information war” and disinformation against Russia, and the combination of the words “nuclear” and “Russia” will also help to put the country in an unsightly light.

At the same time, “serious people” in the West, in the military establishment and diplomatic departments have already paid attention to the intelligibility of such a statement and its unambiguity, and also understand that “the ball is now on their side,” Orlov concluded.

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