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Russia announced its readiness to replace Ukrainian grain Russian news EN

Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Kosachev announced the readiness of the Russian Federation to replace Ukrainian grain on the world market

Vice speaker Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said that Russia ready to replace the grain Ukraine on the world market. He wrote about this in his Telegram-channel.

Kosachev announced Russia’s readiness to replace Ukrainian grain and stressed that at least 50 countries depend on raw materials Moscowamong which are the poorest countries in Africa. “Given the huge harvest in the country, Russia is ready to completely replace Ukrainian grain on the world market, our export potential in the current season is estimated at more than 50 million tons,” he said.

The senator added that outside the Istanbul agreements, about 10.5 million tons of our grain have already been sent to the countries of Asia and Africa.

“We could supply grains and fertilizers much more, some of them even for free, but the pride of the West – anti-Russian sanctions – really work, only against starving people in the world,” Kosachev concluded.

In the same publication, politicians appreciated suspension of Russia’s participation in the grain deal. He also called for such agreements to be concluded without the participation of the West.

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