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Sex coach Morozova: men choose older women because they consider them more passionate

Young men choose older partners because they find them more passionate and sophisticated in matters of intimacy, explained Sex Coach, Trainer at the Secrets Center Evgenia Morozova. She named the reasons for sexual craving for adult women in a conversation with

According to Morozova, among young and sexually active men, it is widely believed that older women are always more experienced. They want to achieve intimacy with her, because for them this automatically means good and passionate sex. In their opinion, during sexual intercourse with an experienced partner, it will be possible to let go of control and just enjoy the process, because she knows exactly what to do in bed.

In porn, the abbreviation MILF is popular, if translated literally – “mom with whom I would sleep.” If you search, you can find a large number of adult films starring a woman who is clearly fit to be a mother to her young lover. She is usually hot and bossy. And, as you know, female domination is one of the brightest sexual fantasies of a modern man. Therefore, such porn is popular among the stronger sex of all ages.

Evgenia MorozovaSex coach, coach of the Secrets Center

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As the sex coach noted, there is another category of young men: they believe that by winning a mature woman, they will be able to reach a new level of the art of seduction. For them, this is a great opportunity to learn from the experience of their mature partner and learn how to give pleasure.

Morozova added that older women are traditionally more responsible for contraception and are in no hurry to marry a young lover. In addition, men may be attracted to the fact that there are fewer tantrums and scandals in such relationships, since both parties, as a rule, understand that their meaning is only sex.

Formerly sexologist Elena Kondrasheva warned about the dangers of threesomes. According to her, such a way to diversify intimate life in marriage can be harmful to mental health if consent to such an experiment is obtained without the desire of one of the parties.

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