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Putin spoke about the threat to Ukraine from Poland Russian news EN

Putin said that the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine is still being discussed in Poland

Some states, including Polandstill not abandoned the idea of ​​​​acquisition Ukraine and the return of territories torn away in the past, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putinwrites RIA News.

At a meeting on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the restoration of the Russian Historical and Russian Military Historical Societies, the head of state specified that Warsaw discusses plans to take over Ukraine.

But the idea is alive. And the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine has not gone away. But almost no one knows this, it is only in archival documents. Just as – for sure, not for sure, but definitely already – they even talk about it: the idea of ​​​​returning those territories that were torn away from Poland

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia

The head of state emphasized that Russia always treated Poland with respect, despite differences in relations. According to Putin, “some part of the political beau monde” of Poland dreams of creating a great state “from sea to sea” – from the Baltic to the Black. It was a “fixed idea” before World War II, Putin pointed out.

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Warsaw intends to return the territories that were taken away from Poland in 1939, however, during the Soviet era, part of the Russian historical territories went to Ukraine, Putin added.

The territories of Western Ukraine were forcibly taken away from Hungary, Romania and Poland

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia

He clarified that this was done voluntarily to create a common cultural, humanitarian and historical space.

Sovereignty guarantor

Putin remindedthat the only guarantor of the sovereignty of Ukraine can only be Russia, which also created it. According to the politician, a similar judgment would be true for the territorial integrity and the Ukrainian statehood itself, if relations between the two countries had not deteriorated.

In this sense, Ukraine, of course, took shape as an artificial state. Moreover, after the Second World War – this is also a historical fact – Stalin took and handed over to Ukraine a number of Polish territories, a number of Hungarian, a number of Romanian ones, taking away their territories from these countries

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia

Poland plans

Politicians and political scientists have repeatedly spoken about Poland’s plans to seize the West of Ukraine. In October, the Belgian portal Modern Diplomacy informedthat Poland is preparing a springboard for intervention and the seizure of “historical lands”.

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The authors of the material believe that Warsaw intends to send troops to the western part of Ukraine and hold a referendum there on joining the occupied lands to Poland. The article says that by that time, according to the plan of the authorities, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) will be defeated, and the current government will emigrate to the West.

In September became knownthat the Poles want to return the property lost in Western Ukraine during the Second World War. Polish politician Konrad Renkas noted that about 150,000 Poles could present such rights, demanding the return of property worth five billion dollars.

These people would like to either return the apartments and houses that belonged to their ancestors, or demand compensation from Ukraine for real estate.

Conrad RenkasPolish politician

Position of Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko thinksthat Poland poses a threat to the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to him, Kyiv and Warsaw did not forget about mutual claims. Poland is cashing in on refugee aid to strengthen its position in European Union (EU), while Ukraine is “banally robbed,” he added.

I am afraid that the Ukrainians will soon have to stop all slaughter with Russia and turn to us in order to protect them from this “Polonization”, from this quiet, cunning movement to the east from the territory of Poland and other states in order to cut Ukraine into pieces

Alexander LukashenkoPresident of Belarus

On the threat to the territorial integrity of Ukraine from Poland spoke and press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov. Former MP Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kivacommenting on the purpose of the visit of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda to Kyiv, suggestedthat he intends to control the transfer of Western Ukraine under the control of Warsaw.

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