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Putin recalled the idea of ​​Poland to absorb Ukraine Russian news EN

Putin: Poland’s idea to swallow Ukraine has not gone away

President of Russia Vladimir Putin thinks the idea Poland absorb Ukraine didn’t go anywhere. His words lead TASS. He said this during a meeting with historians in honor of the tenth anniversary of the restoration of the Russian Historical and Russian Military Historical Societies.

“We are aware of the ideas of creating a great state “from sea to sea” in some part of the political beau monde of Poland,” he said and specified that this was a lot of talk before the Second World War. “Now we see the embrace of the leaders of Poland and Ukraine. But the idea, it is alive, the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine has not gone away,” the president said.

Another President spoke about bringing the wick to decay Russia West inevitability military conflict in Ukraine, a “strong barrier” attempts distort history. In addition, he named Ukrainians are the main victim of the deliberate sublimation of hatred towards Russians.

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