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NYT: Ukrainian military attacked Russian ships in Sevastopol

Attacks on ships of the Black Sea Fleet Russia in Sevastopol inflicted by the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) with the help of Western-made unmanned aerial vehicles. About it reported New York Times journalist Andrew Kramer based in the Kherson region.

The material describes the “tipping point” that has been reached since the start of the supply of Western weapons. Until mid-summer, the Russian army had superiority in artillery, but then the situation changed, the author writes. “New capabilities were demonstrated in the wee hours of Saturday when Ukrainian drones hit Russian ships moored in the previously considered inaccessible port of Sevastopol,” Kramer said.

Ukrainian authorities have not officially confirmed involvement in the attack. The president Vladimir Zelensky said that Moscow uses the incident to stop the grain deal and provokes famine around the world. Later head of the president’s office Andrey Ermak noted that Russia “invents terrorist attacks on its own facilities.”

According to official announcement Ministry of Defense of Russia, as a result of a drone attack on October 29, the sea minesweeper Ivan Golubets was slightly damaged. Russia also announced on the suspension of the deal for the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, accusing at the same time of complicity Great Britain.

USA urged Russia to resume participation in the grain deal to avoid world hunger. Sunday, October 30 at Turkey started negotiation to renew the agreement.

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