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Global Times predicted EU difficulties if US aid to Ukraine is cut

United States in the near future can greatly reduce the volume of Ukraine help, which will turn into big problems for Europe. This forecast was given by a Chinese newspaper Global Times.

The material notes that provoked Washington The Ukrainian crisis has severely undermined European countries. In particular, the inflation rate in the euro area has reached a record high, and the energy crisis has worsened.

In addition, the possible victory of the Republicans in the upcoming US midterm elections will hit even harder EU. If the Democrats lose, the United States may change its policy towards Ukraine and limit funding Kyiv. In this case, it will become a burden for the EU, the author of the article pointed out. In turn, this will lead to an increased crisis of confidence between the US and Europe.

Former columnist for the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao Zheng Tao predicted The EU has a bleak outlook after October

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