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Guardian: The West will have to negotiate with Russia due to the deteriorating situation in Europe and the United States

Western countries will be forced to negotiate with Russiawhen the economic situation in Europe worsens, and USA face a recession. Terms disclosed British newspaper The Guardian.

If economic conditions in Europe get even worse and the US enters a recession, it is not an exaggeration to suggest that calls for a settlement will become more tangible if it helps ease the economic burden.

The Guardian

According to the publication, Germany had to allocate $200 billion to support consumers and businesses affected by high energy prices, and Spain and France experienced a contraction in GDP.

It is noted that in the European Union (EU) is experiencing record inflation. In addition, there is a possibility of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine due to a possible direct confrontation between Russia and North Atlantic Alliance.

Therefore, proposals to avert this denouement through diplomacy should be welcomed.

The Guardian

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European economic recession

At the end of October, the general secretary OPEC Haytham al-Ghais declaredthat the European economy is in recession. According to him, the US may also be moving in this direction. Such economic problems could affect oil demand, he said.

And so our forecast shows that a surplus will be brewing in the coming months. And this was the main reason why in October we decided to be proactive

Haytham al-GhaisSecretary General of OPEC

The OPEC Secretary General stressed that the supply surplus in the oil market will be present in the fourth quarter and early next year. According to him, similar forecasts are made not only by OPEC, but also by the International Energy Agency, as well as other analysts.

The fact that most of the economies of Western countries have already entered a recession phase, told and CEO of the analytical agency “BusinessDrom” Pavel Samiev. It may take years to get out of this phase, the specialist added.

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Gas shortage

In early November, the heads of the largest energy companies Vitol, BP and Eni reassured Europeans about the lack of gas in the coming winter – in their opinion, significant fuel reserves will allow the EU to calmly survive this heating season.

With a combination of high gas storage levels and government spending packages to subsidize household bills, Europe could weather the crisis this year

Bernard LooneyChief Executive Officer of BP

At the same time, they all expressed concern about the next winter – in 2023 the threat of shortages will be much more serious. Large volumes of Russian gas imports have made it possible to ensure a high level of reserves – by next winter, it is likely to completely stop, the heads of the energy giants say.

We have a tough winter ahead of us, and after that we have an even tougher winter next year.

Russell HardyChief Executive Officer Vitol

However, the head of the Italian oil and gas giant Eni, Claudio Decalzi, said that Europe is “in good shape for this winter.” He noted that the acute problem of gas supply will appear only by next winter.

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