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The Hill: Sunak’s ban on hydraulic fracturing will be a gift to Putin

The Hill columnist Robert Bryce in an article for the publication declaredthat British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to ban oil and gas production from shale formations will hit the economy Londonbut will be a gift for Russia.

According to the observer, the ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) will be a gift to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and a disaster for British industry. “In fact, Sunak is dooming Britain to high energy prices and dependence on imports for decades to come,” he said, adding that Sunak’s decision threatens Britain with a fuel shortage.

Bryce suggested that strong energy dependence on other countries threatens the country with a difficult position during the crisis. He stressed that citizens of the country pay for electricity almost twice as much as in other countries. European Union.

“The British are vulnerable to high gas prices as the country has shut down its coal-fired power plants and is dependent on natural gas-fired generators. If you think that renewable energy sources can fill this gap, think again,” he said.

The author of the article believes that Great Britain has huge gas reserves, but with the arrival of Sunak, “all this energy may become worthless.”

Former Financial Analyst Mikhail Belyaev spokethat Sunak, having decided to raise taxes to cover the budget deficit, throws a suffocating noose on the rest of the economy and deprives it of development prospects.

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