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Retired Marine Wood says arms shipments to Ukraine have depleted US military stocks

Deliveries of weapons to Ukraine from the side Washington reduced defense capability USA and depleted the military reserves of the country. This unexpected problem was discovered by retired US Marine Dakota Wood. He wrote about this in an article for the publication 19fortyfive.

As the former military man noted, for about 20 years the US military has been using equipment, ammunition and equipment in operations that were intended for the fight against the USSR. However, military stocks were not replenished by modern counterparts at the same pace. As a result, he pointed out, the United States was left with obsolete equipment and faced the problem of arms reduction. The problem has been exacerbated by the support of Ukraine, now the stocks are approaching the level of the military reserve, and it will take years to replenish them, Wood said.

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The author of the material believes that with such military stocks, the United States will not be able to participate in another conflict and will not be able to support IsraelTaiwan, Japan, South Koreaif they have to support one of the partners in NATO in Europe, which “emboldens Washington’s opponents.” “What other assessment can be given to our army in this condition, if not to call it weak,” Wood asked.

Formerly expert Kazuhiko Fujii declaredthat the US Army is facing problems that call into question its real combat readiness. He drew attention to the fact that American arsenals were largely empty due to the transfer of weapons to Ukraine as military aid. According to him, no less concern in Pentagon causing a shortage of personnel.

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