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One-year-old girl, thrown out by her mother from the 11th floor in Moscow, died in a hospital

One-year-old girl thrown from the 11th floor by her mother Moscowdied in the hospital. This was reported city ​​prosecutor’s office in his Telegram.

According to the department, the woman’s actions are subject to qualification under article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder of a minor child). At the moment, the prosecutor’s check continues, the progress of the investigation of the criminal case is controlled by the Moscow prosecutor’s office.

child discovered under the window of a high-rise building in the Chertanovo district on the morning of November 8. The reasons why a Muscovite threw her daughter out of the window are being investigated by investigators. At the same time, the woman was also hospitalized with drug poisoning. Later became knownthat the girl is in intensive care.

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