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Poland will deprive refugees from Ukraine of free housing Russian news EN

Ukrainian refugees will lose free housing in Poland in 2023

Refugees from Ukraine lose free housing Poland in 2023, told on the air of RMF FM radio station Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, Commissioner of the Government of the Republic for Refugees Pavel Shefernaker.

As the politician said, Warsaw freeze the payment of material assistance to Ukrainian refugees returning to their homeland. In Poland, amendments were prepared to the law, which allowed refugees from Ukraine to stay in Poland and receive material assistance. At the moment, they receive 500 złoty (more than $100) for each minor family member.

“There are some people who very often travel between Poland and Ukraine, and we want there to be no doubt whether someone lives or does not live in Poland,” the department stressed.

In addition, in the new version of the law, housing fees will be 50 percent in the first three months. After this period, the refugee will have to pay 100 percent of the rent.

Previously reportedthat the Polish authorities plan to tighten the law on the stay of Ukrainian refugees in the country.

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